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††††††††The ideal partner for trading and business development in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other C.I.S††countries (Confederation of Independent States).
BBL Partners LLC †† focuses on the following industries:

Food & Beverages, Food Ingredients, Flavorings, Pharmaceutical, Home Products and Cosmetics.

††††††††With a team of high level specialists with a proven track record in multinational corporations and leading local companies, we provide a unique competitive advantage to our clients : a blend of Western and Eastern approaches, clearly aimed at business success.

††††††††More than a trading or consulting partner, we offer our clients the benefit of a sharp, fine-tuned approach to total business and customer satisfaction.

††††††††Our operating principles are based on the following guidelines:

  • If approached correctly, emerging markets present a growth opportunity at all times††even when it is not obvious from analysts or the business press;

  • Operating environments, cultures, mentalities, habits and ways differ, yet the basics of business are similar throughout the world;

  • Strategies and approaches that successfully worked elsewhere may need localization or development of completely††new concepts to achieve the same result;

  • Best results are achieved by integrating Western management methods with local ethical ways of making things happen;

  • The right people can optimize any learning curve.